Hassan Yousefzamani is a Kurdish musician, poet, composer and song writer of Persian traditional and classical music. With over half a century of great contributions in composition, conducting, teaching, and playing clarinet, saxophone and violin, he has established himself as an undisputed Master of Persian Music. He has composed over two hundred pieces of music performed by renowned musicians and singers such as Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Shahram Nazeri, Pouran, and Sima Bina and other singers in Iran. His compositions are technically flawless, powerful, and strongly emotional. Yousefzamani is a major source of inspiration.

Born in 1931 in the city of Sanandaj in northwestern of Iran, Yousefzamani studied music at the age of fifteen at the military music school. He played Clarinet and saxophone in the school and also on the Radio for a couple of Radio stations. He formed the Kurdish Orchestra whose performances of about ninety pieces of his compositions of Kurdish music were amongst the most popular programs aired in bordering countries of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. He moved to Tehran and registered in the Conservatory classes and studied for three years.
As a conductor, he established a small Folk music band for Radio Tehran in 1962 for several years in addition to playing Clarinet and Viola in different orchestra. For many years, he conducted the Iranian National Radio and Television Grand Orchestra and the Iranian Traditional Music Orchestra. During his amazing career, Yousefzamani has composed one hundred and ten songs in Persian and ninety Kurdish songs for most Iranian traditional singers.

His compositions have received many praises by other musicians and the general public. He was a member of the music jury in Tehran's Radio and Television from 1978 to 1987 and conducted two different orchestras. The first one was a symphony orchestra and the second was a traditional/folk music. Besides his tremendous musical talent, Yousefzamani has had a life-long passion for literature.

He has written a number of poems that are used in his recent compositions. He moved to Canada and resided in Toronto in 1991. In 1992, he performed in a concert for Iranian audience. He has written about one hundred new and unpublished songs since then.

He has recently re-composed some of his memorable compositions and some unpublished/new songs and presented them in the recent performances in Toronto’s Harbour front Centre Theatre. His recent performances in ‘Under the Azure Dome’ with the group ‘Pejvak’ contained his compositions
of both Persian and Kurdish pieces.
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